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Native Croatian / Austrian Antonija Pacek is a cinematic music composer and pianist. Her newest "Night" album was published in June 2023 by Australian Yellow Rose Records (YRR), and is available on all streaming platforms. Her previous album "Seasons of Life" was published in March 2022 also by YRR. Rebecca Cullen (for Stereo Stickman Magazine) reviewed the album: “Composer, artist and cinematically focused musician Antonija Pacek brings a refreshingly unpredictable edge of creativity to the neoclassical realm, with her superb, intimate yet powerful new album Seasons of Life.”
Antonija’s 4th album "Forever" was published in Oct. 2020 by the renown American label, Parma Recordings (USA), and Take Effects Reviews wrote: “Forever often carries a captivating romantic spirit and an exceptional performance that will have you hanging on every note.” To promote her second album "Life Stories" (2017) and her third album Il Mare (2019), Antonija toured Italy in 2018-2019 and played in five cities, including prestigious the Auditorium Parco della musica in Rome and Teatro dal Verme in Milan. Her critically acclaimed, debut album, "Soul Colours" (2014) was published by Autentico Music in Germany and was signed by Warner Chappell (a publishing hand of Warner Music). German and Italian critics referred to Antonija’s compositions as follows: “a female response to Ludovico Einaudi”, “resembling Erik Satie’s as well as Keith Jarrett’s The Cologne Concert”, “a concert that goes directly to the soul”, “(it) creates an evocative poetic love”, “Symphony of Emotions”, “(music) close to meditation of angels”, “Pacek, Revival of the Great Classics”, and “music as beautiful as a radiant jewel”.
Antonija’s music is being played at a number of radio stations around the world, including Classic FM radio in London, FM Classic in New York, Klassik Radio in Vienna, Shades of Classics in Canada and Whisperings Radio in the USA.


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