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Bruno is a classically trained musician, producer, and composer based in Barcelona who writes for strings, piano, and electronics.
He began playing piano as a child, on an old Pleyel upright at his parents’ house in Buenos Aires. In 1998 he started as a producer for ad21, a personal label that has released the majority of his albums. Although he also collaborated on several projects with the labels 7K!, Moderna Records, Thesis, 1631 Recordings, El Muelle Records, and Dronarivm.
His Piano Textures series, started in 2007, is one of Sanfilippo’s most representative set of recordings, but he has also gained wider recognition in modern music – one of his piano compositions formed the basis for Canadian rapper Drake’s seminal hit, ‘Started From The Bottom’.
In addition to recordings available on streaming platforms, Sanfilippo has a series of solo and collaborative albums that are available exclusively through Bandcamp, some of which were released by American labels in Compact Disc format between 2008 and 2012.
Sanfilippo regularly performs at various live and multimedia events, and at festivals all over the world.

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