Sheet Music Pianists LLC Vendor Terms and Conditions as of 06-20-2023

* is not an exclusive relationship with vendors (since we are not a distributor, you may contract with anyone else and still use our sight)

  • Distributors may sign up on your behalf and make you a team member to upload your content (verification required)

* Starting profit split is 70% to vendors

* Vendors may choose to integrate Stripe for instant Payouts or select PayPal for delayed payouts (occuring every 2 weeks)

* Vendors recieve your own unique store url and admin login with a full transparency dashboard for sales and revenue tracking

* All sales are direct relationships to your customers, revealing who they are – first name, last name, and email address

*Vendor participation is “at will” at all times. You may request a store deletion. This will also cause all products to be deleted. We cannot assist you with re-creating products if you decide to signup again. Please consider deleting your store with caution. You may create a message for your store that you are “on a break” and pause selling if needed.